About Feral Hive Records

Hi, I'm Nick from the band Worthington's Law, and this is my new record label.

I came up with the idea in Spring 2023 when I was trying to find a label home for my band's new album. While we were lucky enough to find a great partner in Boared to Death Records, the whole process of "shopping around" our record inspired me to create a new label for small artists like me to make physical records for themselves, their fans, and their friends.

Inspired by Mike Park and Asian Man Records, Feral Hive is a truly artist-centric label. Just like Mike and AMR, I will compensate every artist that works with me. In most cases, I'll pay artists with free copies of their record.

The plan is to focus on 7" singles and splits, with limited runs of 20-40 copies per release. To save money and put more free records in the hands of artists, most releases will be square shaped records, but we can talk about doing round ones.

If you're a punk rock or punk-adjacent band or artist, and are interested in putting out a 7" record with me, get in touch!

About Lathe Cut Records

Via crypticcarousel.com:

Lathe Cut Records are made one-at-a-time, in real time, by a real person using an experimental process and 70 year old technology. It is not a pressed record and may have slightly more surface noise or an occasional light distortion in some frequencies, and may sound somewhat different than the original master. The volume will also be a little lower than a modern “post-loudness-war” record, so pump up the volume. It won’t be audiophile, but it ought to be listenable and sound pretty good considering the circumstances of its’ birth. It might also require tonearm and anti-skate adjustment in order to track correctly due to the hard plastic having slightly shallower grooves than a traditional record.

Why Square Shaped Records?

The vendor we work with offers square records, and they're cheaper than round ones for me to order. I pass those savings onto the artists by compensating them with free records.

While the record is a square, the grooves are still round, and it will play just like a round record.

via crypticcarousel.com